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      Dear Visitor,

      Hello! My name is Chloë Kogan and I am the artist behind Yiddish Warmth. My two greatest joys in life are Judaism and drawing.

      And cooking.

      Oh, and hiking!

      And family, and music, and dogs, and rambling — but I digress!

      Yiddish Warmth is the union of the first two of those passions. My illustrated cards and gifts are inspired by all aspects of my Hebrew heritage: citations and soliloquies from the most memorable members of the Tribe; colorful kvetches, curses, and quotes from the Old World; and, of course, the long-standing verbal vice of my people, the almighty Pun. In short, my inspiration comes from all facets of a culture brimming and simmering with dry wit and an unshakable will to endure.

      I hope you will give (or enjoy yourself!) any of my Yiddish- and Jewish-inspired greeting cards or gifts, and in so doing cross over a bridge connecting yesteryear's Shtetl with today's Diaspora. Therefore, you will be helping to carry the history of Yiddishkeit forward into the future.

      Thank you immensely for your patronage!

      Zei gezunt,